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This is another topic I blogged about some time ago, but only am only getting around to making public now--men who carry their wives' purses while shopping. I came across this topic while browsing another website. I thought nothing of it until I saw many fervidly negative opinions on the idea. Overall, the negative people outnumbered the positive by a ratio of about two to one.

Seriously, what's the big deal? I'm not talking about holding the purse all day while the wife goes tromping throughout the entire mall. I'm just talking about for a minute or two at a time when trying something on or sorting through a rack. If you ask me, that is the sign of a true gentleman. How does carrying one's wife's bag diminish a man's "man" status?

Though what really shocked me were the women who were strongly opposed to the idea. By saying that asking their husbands to hold their bags would subject them to humiliation or make them less manly, they are implying that their husbands are so insecure in their sexual identity that merely holding an innocuous, inanimate object is enough to induce a gender crisis.

Then there are those women who adamantly refuse to "impose" on their husbands. Are you serious? It's just asking him to hold a bag, not the entire inventory of the second floor shoe department. He's just standing there anyway (looking at the pretty salesgirls). If you have to tiptoe around simple requests like holding a bag, there are far deeper issues in your marriage that you will eventually have to come to terms with.

To those men who carry their wives' purses: bravo! You get it. 

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