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A while ago, my husband pointed out something funny (yet gross) while walking our dog. Along our walking route, the grass along the main road is neatly manicured by our community association. I never noticed this until my husband pointed this out, but at various points along the way, there are tiny areas where the grass is extremely green. Now I know why.

We used to have cats that had set up camp in our back yard (they are now gone, long story). Normally, cats poop in a secluded area and bury what they leave behind. However, a few of the kittens in our bunch didn't get the memo and pooped out in the open on our lawn. After cleaning up the poop, my husband noticed that the grass would grow extremely green and robust in the pooped spot. Natural fertilizer.

Juxtapose this with what we see in the neighborhood. My husband pointed out, to my horror, that all the ultra-green spots in the community grass are the fruit of old pet poop!


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